Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facing the void

Prabal, as I never saw before

Last week, a session that moved me so much!

The theme was emptiness.
I have a book I received in another era, the book of Dao,
A book in Hebrew that is beautifully translated from English that is translated from Chinese.

And I translated verse 11 to english as a theme for Last Sunday:


Thirty spokes unite
at a wheel's center  (in hebrew - also, it's bellybutton :)
Except the spokes -
is most of it

The clay pot -
its main use is its space

nothingness has a role,
the emptiness has form

A house
is squares of air.
A door between two rooms
just connects the air,
A window connects a square space
with the big void


the is



an excuse

and a wrapping,

and the nothingness


the real



So we tried drawing around the subjects, their outside, what holds them.

All works were incredible, and the body of them all moved me, it is like we drew the emptiness that fills the whole museum.
There were statues drawn without the main character, drawing of the molecules filling the space that has an absent artist, carving the space out of a harp, around a banister, and carving a hugging couple out of its marble, but I have no photos of this (yet!, anyone who was there, pleeze send me some!), 

I DO have two sets that are totally magnificent!

Marie's work:
The one above almost made me cry, the three missing vases with the three empty spaces behind them, the striking sunshine, with the perspective acting as sun rays, the arbitrary break of the red lines that indicate the void and pulls your attention to the middle one, and the small vase near it.

Carving space with words, lines and colors, another tryptic.  

Look at the clash of spaces, how they share the same paper without invading each other.
Pots, people, statues, all are surrounded in the same way. (equal in the eyes of god? naaa, I get carried away! or do I?)

Once a good friend of mine told me she adores the mix of words and images, look here. 

And this one brings so much emotion! 
I could talk a lot about the different textures that make this one, the absence of line defining the two spaces, about the slanted window, the lower line that cuts the window out like a pair of scissors that you used for a bit too much and may be sorry for...
But I won't, just look at it.


And now, for the work of Fran├žois, the emotional pallet turns to pure joy.
Just look here:

And the last one, a drawing of a dark painting behind a marble statue

And one thing I like in the above photo is the direction of the black which is the inverse of the direction of the carving on the top of the page. see it?

I am grateful.