Monday, June 24, 2013


Since I've started the drawing lessons, not too long ago, my drawings have already evolved a lot, though I have no idea where they are leading me to. But it's very much exciting. Dov's exercices allow me to put far less presure on myself and just focus on having fun and experiment like I used to do.

These series were done at la Bellevilloise with some DJ music that tended to enhance the whole creative experience. Very fun indeed, and I got to meet Florina ! ;)

My friend Samia...
This session was thanks to Prabal in a gallery where Indian artists exhibited. We eventually started to draw each others. Hey Prabal ! Hey Dov !

And Catherine, very nice-talented-inspiring woman.

Mathieu and Dov, creating together with some m&m's and wet tissues at the Jardin du Luxembourg in a small cozy cafe along with some nice guitar playing from Marouane. Memorable times.

Hooot teeeeaaaa.

Paris Free Drawing does have long lasting effects: you'll quickly find yourself drawing, before you even notice it.

 Can't wait for the sessions to come, as everyone seems to push their boundaries further each time !