Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things inspired by the Paris Free Drawing Group

These are the people of La Chappelle metro stop rushing by at tea-time on a Monday, bustling past, waiting or scooting past on the train. I drew outlines very quick in pink and then added detail in light green from memory as they buzzed off elsewhere, I then added contrast with darker green and blue. I especially enjoy the two angry faced men who caught me sketching them.

I sketched on top of sketches around Montmartre then worked at home with the outlines I liked and made the forms more angular and added a load of colour. Didn't like beardy face in the bottom right at first, but now he's a favourite. I've become less fond of the saxophonists who I redid a couple of times in different levels of detail.
Here are some trees of alfortville done with the try-not-to-look-at-what-you're-drawing technique, I felt very meditative right up until every time I cheated and looked down, then found my self trying to perfect things.

Would love to see some other work shared here from all the members, I've really enjoyed the techniques which were suggested at the meetings and would love to see some more of what's been created.