Sunday, April 20, 2014

Science and art (video)

(By Anna)

Your Mama Should've Named You Juice

Hej y'all,

So, yesterday. I want to thank you all for your presence, the creativity you share and the open-minded spirit floating in the air.
I brought a guest with me and today-for the lack of my own inspiration- I made him partly write this post.
I gave him a sheet of paper to write 3 nouns, 5 adjectives, 4 adverbs and 1 key word belonging to a grammatical subcategory of his choice. His words, his thoughts, his view. Then I added photos from yesterday, based on the words he wrote. WHat that means to me. Or sth. like that.
Here as follows:

3 nouns:


5 adjectives:





4 adverbs:





Have a nice week!


Frank promotes his new record How's Your Bird & The Worlds Greatest Sinner movie and then plays a bicycle

(By Deha)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shadow theatre and Sand

Hello everybody,

I wanted to share some cool things I found with you and with a slight encouragement from Dov:), here it goes:

First is Shadow theatre, an amazing group:

I like it so much because the work with negative space and they tell a story in a simple but striking way. No need for words or details.

Second is the artist Kseniya Simonova. She does sand art and is simply amazing.This is the link for her youtube videos:

And some videos:

There's really a lot of videos of her work.

Till next time!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Talking drawing

About the meetup in Parc Floral in March 2014. Here is an email Dov has sent me, with my response:

Hi Francois, 

I was wondering about yesterday, 
In fact, I felt it was not that great a meeting, we were not focused, a lot of people didn't show up, quite a few left in the middle, it was too chilly, and I had a hard time being with my son and the group at the same time. 
Since you wrote it was fun and relaxing, I wanted to have your real feedback, so I can have another point of view. 
Also - I forgot to tell you, I bought a great la-cost swetshirt I wanted to offer you, it was in my bag but I forgot, remind me next time. 
And last - last week I was in Vienna, and saw the Hunterwasser museum and building, and thought about you and how you use color:


Hi Dov, 

- I understand your point of view about yesterday. I will tell you how that afternoon was for me. 

First, when I was arriving (around 2pm), I randomly met Sankar just in the street. That was funny because this is the second time that lucky thing happens to us. So we were talking together before the start of the meetup.  First about economy, but then about light and contrast. He said the light today was not good, because there was no intense light so the landscape has no contrasts.

Hence the bad weather turned into an interesting idea for me:
* How to draw low-contrasted things (a big challenge for me since I always do very contrasted drawings)

Then I was looking around to find a good drawing subject, that was difficult because nothing was really interesting, the statues or landscape were not good.

This was another good thing:
* I really liked what Hammed has done since he succeeded to choose a banal statue and a banal view to make two stunning drawings.

So I had to choose a drawing object... I was looking for a subject or for (rare) high contrasted things. And Aine was just there with her beautiful red hair and black jacket. There was light on her jacket and on her hair. I drew it (just a few details), then drew a low contrast background but with many more details.

I'm happy, she liked it and took a photo of it, next time we'll meet I'll give her the drawing. 

Then, I tried another challenge. I never know how to draw a tree, so I tried it... and while doing the roots, I had an idea to make it less obvious but a bit more fun and colored. and then I turned this grey sad tree into a funny thing...

I didn't know what to pick next in the landscape but than I remembered my son asked me several times to draw a rainbow for him. So I started it... I started to draw a crazy rainbow. You were playing the guitar, while I was drawing, that was so peaceful and I was thinking of my son. That was very "emotional". Usually kids do drawings for their parents, but this time I was doing one for him... and then you said we stop in 30 seconds... a quick unexpected challenge! so I had to do quickly empty squares and an eye in the dragon head at the bottom, I was happy about the result, otherwise the drawing would have been too heavy.

Another funny thing was when Ophelie called on your phone and I had to manage finding her in the parc. She knows only 3 words in french and that was a real challenge! This could only happen in a meetup! 

And on the other side of the coin:

I didn't have enough time to talk (or draw) with Nathalie, you, Deha or the other newcomers. I also had less time to share all these things... Maybe I should write an article in my blog (or in the group's blog) about them... it is difficult to do all these things during a single meetup. When I came with my son last time I could only focus on drawing with him, and almost didn't talk with people. It's difficult to do so many things during a single afternoon. 

And about people not showing up, I guess last minute cancellations are very common in all the meetups... and along with the time-shift and the grey clouds that did the rest.  It's just human nature, procrastination?  

An idea for next time:

First time I went to "petit palais" you started the meetup with a talk about drawing the void, maybe it could be interesting to add these kinds of themes:
- drawing in low-contrast
- drawing in high contrast
- drawing shadows
- drawing squares

Perhaps with some citation about it to excite the imagination, what do you think? 

Wow, I'm writing a lot, I hope you are not bored too much. thank you so much for the sweatshirt and thank you for the Hundertwasser, he seems to be a great artist, I will read about him, but the style looks really great ! 

If you want, we could have a beer to talk some more about all those thoughts this week, what do you think? 



Thanks a lot!

I'd publish my email and yours in the blog as is! such a great response!
I am truly proud to have met you, I learn a lot from you everytime we exchange :)

I truly think you are more adventurous than me, and would love to participate in a meetup that you organize!

About the emptiness session, it was indeed very strong, and I think it's also because of its uniqueness, and uniqueness is something that is hard to reproduce. (you can't cross the same river twice, etc.)

We may try searching koans - a koan may be a great subject because the rules are very strict, and this is the source of creativity, when you put hard limits, the creativity searches where to bloom from 

Would love to meet this week,