Sunday, June 22, 2014

Welcome to comics !

Welcome to comics!

   Dov is a very generous friend. He's organizing wonderful drawing meetups for us. Recently, he moved into his new apartment. He uses his home to welcome us for the meetups. And last, but not least, he invited me(and some others) to organize meetups in his place even when he's not there!

   Some weeks ago I was having a beer with a meetup friend, Sankar, and we were talking about comics, then I noted that a meetup about comics should be great!(Always good ideas came when I talk with Sankar!) So, the idea was here: "a meetup about comics". I was bringing some comic books. My initial idea was to bring a set of all kinds of comic books. Here are what I've bring:

No need to be Dr Freud to see that I like science fiction! Thank you Joss and Lou for bringing Corto Maltese and another american comic (sorry I've forgotten the name). And thank you Mana for bringing a great indian 'kitch' comic (left in Fred P. studio so everyone can read it)!

Another material was some frames that I've printed:

So we started to draw, with no particular instructions, except being inspired and draw ;-)  Mona had a great suggestion to draw reality in comic style.

That was a peaceful meetup, in a hot day, but it was still fresh in the studio anyway (Joss and Lou came with tasty fruits and Mona came with a great mixed fruit juice). We were listening peaceful music (FIP radio)...

Put all ingredients with great people together, wait a for a few hours... Then look at the result bellow!

Such a great humour by Mona! The mighty wrench! The most powerful weapon in the world !

I'm batman! (by Joss)

A beautiful lady by Lou

Just two simple boxes, but a great set to give us appetite to know the whole story(by Lou)!

Dupond and Dupont with the good difference by Natasa

Guess who drew this one !

A very poetic drawing by Mana (inspired by the movie Up!)

Clever lines and colors by Natasa!

Mona drawn by simple but great comic style by Natasa

The story of the mighty wrench saving the world from the dragon ! An amazing comic story by Mona!

Janet, as you left a bit earlier, unfortunately I don't have your drawings, but I'm sure they're very good (you can send some pics of them to me and I will add them).

So, that was very funny, we were like kids, and most important: Never forget the power of the mighty wrench!!

Dedicated for you Dov!