Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jetsam Flotsam

Some items found floating while attacking my pileofpaper in a cleaning frenzy...

A memory from Marie, or is it Adrian?

- Exercise was drawing a feeling - this one was (you guessed it) spring fever, and the paper was (chance has it) a monet calendar page

Spring fever bugs on a waterlily

A nice flotsam from the Matisse hall
A collage by Janet and me, inspired by a master's work

Echos of wall dancers
 From a session during a crazy night
Drawn by Katherine on a magazine page covered with white
My-Self portrait by keen eyes

Found floating in the Medici fountain
Watercolor bleeding on a napkin
I think they are a souvenir from the lovely Nina (though they are both lovely)
Watercolor colony on a napkin petri-dish
 Found right near it,
The outofocus is a fine accident
Let it bleed
 This one sure brings memories
From a Drawing-out-of-bounds session
Me making it up
Prabal holding the brush&paper
(or was it the otherway?)
2Mind bender
 Another napkin?
Another selfie done by Nina?
 Another one from Katherine
Me again...
 A double exposure from my favorite museum
The Orangerie

Top part: me drawing a girl and dad looking at Monet
Bottom: me and the girl restructuring Monet
Monet double-feature
 Matisse hall again
Francois in a typical pose
vs Nina in a drawing mode
Double exposure collage - Francois vs Nina
 Crazy evening leftover
A guitar player frozen in acrylic
Drawn with me own color-dripping fingers
Striking a major chord
 And a gift I got from Natasa
(they call her Natasha, and she looks nothing like Elsie)
Once I was looking at a black&white world
Now it is colored and scratched allover
See you next room cleaning.

Yer bear