Monday, May 13, 2013

And so it starts...

For those who join us just now, here is the story thus far:
1. I got my kickstart drawing experience about 20 years back with the wonderful Shir Shvadron.
2. I created my drawing blog almost three years ago.
3. Trying to start giving back, I created a group (meetup) in Paris dedicated to free(*) drawing.
(*) free: means freeing the spirit, freeing the hand, taking it lightly, and free of charge. 

And thus begins the new chapter, which is this blog.
In the past group meetings, I enjoy seeing how people bloom and find their freedom, and I'd like to share it with you.

This blog is not mine, it belongs to the group, and all active members are invited to contribute to it.

Any group member may publish a post with her (or his:) drawings, paintings, creations, thoughts or whatever they wish.
And any reader is highly encouraged to send comments and insights to whatever he (or she:) sees.

As they say here in France, - Voila!

Just for a sample: here is a blog started by a dear dear member: